As required by state legislation, all law enforcement agencies in the state submit monthly and annual NIBRS crime reports to the state’s UCR program. This includes submission of monthly data for arrest related deaths, officer non-fatal shooting, hate crimes, domestic crimes, school incidents, use of force and mental health incidents. Of the over 1,000 law enforcement agencies in Illinois, 641 agencies reported 2023 statistics as compared to the 577 agencies who reported 2022 statistics.

Crime in Illinois Archives will only be available for years up to 2021, all other years are searchable using the Crime in Illinois Reports.

Illinois Reports
This report captures ARD incident details
This report captures domestic offense
This report captures hate crime report
This report captures Mental Health Incident Report
This report captures NIBRS and SRS index offense comparison
Offense and Arrest Summary Report - NIBRS Agencies – The Offense and Arrest Summary Report provides the count of Group A Offenses, Group A Arrests and Group B Arrests for the selected period.
This report captures Officer Non-Fatal Shooting
This report captures per county NIBRS and SRS index offense comparison
This report summarizes school incidents for the selected time period and county.
UoF-These reports capture information about police officers using the force to protect offense details.