Crime Data Tables


A State of Illinois Uniform Crime Reporting Guide has been distributed to all contributors. It outlines reporting procedures in detail, and is complete to the extent of providing examples and illustrations. I-UCR staff provide additional instruction and clarification when required. UCR trainings are conducted by the Illinois State Police and are afforded to all reporting law enforcement agencies.

All reported offenses are related to the municipality in which they occur, rather than to the agency which may conduct the investigation. The clearance is credited to the municipality in which the offense occurred. Each contributing agency is responsible for compiling its own reports, validating the data, and entering their respective statistics into the Illinois UCR Repository.

All reported offenses are compiled from a record of all criminal complaints received by police from victims or other sources, or discovered by the police during routine operations. Complaints determined to be unfounded are eliminated from this count. Analytical data pertaining to specific crime categories are also reported, i.e. total adult and juvenile arrests made during the month.


The data presented on the Crime Data Tables is static data that has been extracted from the UCR repository.  Each report is stamped with the date and time that the report was generated.  Data garnered from the Reports section is data derived directly from the UCR repository.  Statistics may vary from the Crime Data Tables due to the law enforcement agencies UCR reporter updating their respective UCR submissions in the repository.  Any variation or update to the data in the repository will be displayed within the Reports section, the Crime Data Tables will be refreshed on a periodic basis.


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